"the feet of Bhagavan are everywhere. So where can we gather except at his feet?
Time and space are no barriers to the gathering of hearts." Sri Ramana Maharshi

Celebrating the life of David LaChapelle

Celebrating the Life of David LaChapelle: Visionary teacher, see-er of souls, wisdom keeper and devoted follower to the great stillness. Friend to many. Dream coach, author, publisher and speaker. Chanter, painter, builder, philosopher and patriarch. His body let go. His gifts live on...

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Monday, August 17, 2009

Resources of Mother & Healing the Wounds

On Aug 17, 2009, at 8:49 AM, Cynthia Yoder wrote:
Hi Ananda,

Just back from vacation…but had a dream while at the beach. You were holding an event, and there were many students there of David’s who had some confusion over his passing. But we were in a very big building; I want to say a barn, but there was no hay. Just a large barn-like structure (airy; high ceiling;outdoorsy). I looked around, and saw how many resources you have available to you. This was what struck me in the dream: how many resources (esp. people resources) you have available. It was abundant – and comforting. [Reminder to] look around, see all of the resources the Great Mother Universe is providing!

This was the first time I had ‘retreat’ dream in which David was not part. I have had countless retreat dreams w/ either you and David, or just David! I truly feel his presence …but no dreams about him yet.

Today, I was drawn to journal – have not done so since June – found this tucked into the journal. A picture David sent in June w/ the subject “healing of the wounds”. I saw it as an image of his receptivity to the feminine—all of the love he was receiving from you and the women in our circle. So beautiful. I put it on my altar; O beloved David!

Love & joy & peace, and remembering, and kisses & hugs


The following is a small excerpt from a longer post (link included below) by Karsten. Seemed fitting to place it with the Christ image in this post.

"a few days before he passed away, i had a dream that he had passed away. afterwards, i sat on a surface level with him in a lucid state, knowing very well that i was speaking with his soul or light body (told to me in the dream) he was younger, strong, and had a clear powerful voice. i remember being shocked at how much strength his words held. his tumor site was shriveled, and i could not help but liken that energy to the christ' s wounds after ressurection. much like it was there as merely a symbol of an earthly body, but did not hold much REAL significance. David's eyes were so bright!"

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