"the feet of Bhagavan are everywhere. So where can we gather except at his feet?
Time and space are no barriers to the gathering of hearts." Sri Ramana Maharshi

Celebrating the life of David LaChapelle

Celebrating the Life of David LaChapelle: Visionary teacher, see-er of souls, wisdom keeper and devoted follower to the great stillness. Friend to many. Dream coach, author, publisher and speaker. Chanter, painter, builder, philosopher and patriarch. His body let go. His gifts live on...

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Saturday, October 9, 2010

For David

For David LaChapelle
by Julie Pigott

Deep Breath

The last time I saw him
I brought sage and
a feather wrapped in red

I bowed before him
tried to speak

“STOP,” he commanded
“Take a deep breath
and start again.”

So I took a long deep breath
and another
while he waited

“A gift from eagle, left
on the beach for you,”
I spoke, offering the bundle

Nodding in gratitude
trembling hands lifted the
eagle feather

Picked up sacred sage
took a long deep breath
and another

While I waited

-By Julie Mae Pigott

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Happy Birthday David, October 8th

On this day you were born...

... we give thanks for your loving and ever-present be-ing

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

David on Facebook


David's breath in Alaska, an honoring by Rory Finney

YOU TUBE VIDEO of filmmaker Rory Finney's journey to McCarthy Alaska in honor of David's connection to this powerful land. Really not to be missed...

Sunday, July 25, 2010

"Consciousness is the recognition that you are a vehicle of the universe unfolding." - David LaChapelle

more HERE

Ashland, Boulder and Princeton circles on July 21

From: Barbara Cecil (Ashland)
Date: July 22, 2010 7:37:45 AM MDT
To: Ananda Elise Foley
Subject: yesterday and today and tomorrow

Dearest Ananda, I wanted to write to you about our gathering last night at Carol and Paul's. You were so loved and cherished there. Please know the home home you have here. (Ashland)

We chanted, through open heart and eyes brimming over. Present were Carlos, Huly, Serena, Melanie, Carol Carlson, Carolyn, Paul, Carol, Steve, Rita, Norton, Suzanne, Michael, Carol H., Sandra Faulk, Jeralyn. Many more wrote in who were present in spirit. It was a needed, exquisite time of remembering specific moments in our personal and collective lives here, articulating the nature of the seeds planted in each of us, finding peace with unfinished segments of the story, seeing the truth of one another as the truth of David was pieced together through all the ways we have known him. We chanted Om Nama and We Are Coming Home. I would say the enduring river of spiritual connection with our own Selves and with David was strengthened.

Please know Ananda, that you are ever present as the weave of the past, present and future braid through your new life. Hugs, Barbara


From: Linda Weber (Boulder)
Date: July 22, 2010 9:20:12 AM MDT

Subject: Re: our circle

We had a celebration and remembrance circle for David on Tuesday night. It was sweet and beautiful with chants and a talking circle and of course meditation.

Yesterday I drove up Sugarloaf mountain just outside of Boulder in order to sit on the side of the hill at the same time that Silverton was having its ash ceremony. A few miles up the road I had to pull over and sit for there was a camel munching on brush near the other side of the road. A CAMEL. Not a llama, a camel. It was the kind with two humps. Never have I seen one in the area and I was stunned. A camel in the Rocky Mountains? How really strange and funny. The animal turned its head and looked me straight in the eye for a few timeless seconds. I sat and watched it for a little while as it went back to its eating, and eventually went on to my sit where I prayed and rattled. Last night, a friend of mine reminded me that David had quite a sense of humor. Yes he did, didn't he.

care and love,



From: "jan Birchfield" (Princeton)
Date: July 22, 2010 3:21:22 PM MDT
To: "'ANANDA Foley'"
Subject: excerpt for sending

Ananda, I just got your voice mail, and it would be fine to send out what I wrote. I spoke to someone from the circle, who suggested that I include the story of how the intention for that circle arose. If you have not yet sent something out, please send what I wrote, below. It was sweet to hear your voice! Much love, jan

This month, I had the honor of spending time with Amma. During a question and answer session with her in Boston, someone asked, “Amma, I have heard that when someone dies, if we continue to mourn them we can actually keep them tied to this plane of existence. Is this true?” Amma responded, “It is natural to feel sad when someone we love dies. However, if we do not release our sadness we actually do hold them close to this plane of existence. The greatest gift that we can give someone when they pass away is to pray that their soul moves to the highest level of consciousness possible. Releasing them from our grief is important for this reason.” I immediately thought of July 21st - the anniversary of David’s passing - and decided to devote our celebration of his life to the healing and upliftment of his soul, and the release of any residual attachment or unfinished business that keeps us tied to him.

I bought 12 white balloons, and filled the living room with them. Candles were lit and flowers were set out. I invited the circle to use this as an opportunity to offer prayer, that David's soul might transcend to the highest plane possible. We chanted alleluia with joy - great joy. We meditated together, and it was a soaring silent meditation. We then went outside to a fire in silence, saged, and prayed to the 7 directions. About 10 people turned and prayed to the directions with me, and so each time I turned, I spoke the direction. After praying to the north, I lifted up my arms and said, "Father Sky, hear our prayer." About 3 seconds went by, and in perfect timing we began to hear the rumble of thunder. There had been none up until this time. The thunder gently rose in pitch, gathering energy, lasted for about a minute, and subsided. It was absolutely stunning. We were all utterly transfixed. I had put out corn meal and tobacco, with an invitation that people offer to the fire a pinch of each, with a prayer either for David's transcendence, or to release any attachment to him or residual mourning. The invitation was to do this either in silence, or out loud. I then kept a steady drum beat, deep in meditation. People went up one at a time, and most of the prayers were in silence. There were 3 prayers that were not, but what was amazing was that these were all offered in another language - Arabic and Spanish. After this found its completion, I continued the drum beat, and said that prayer and healing coming from this earthly plane to the spirit world comes only through humans, and that it was therefore a great gift to offer a spirit out of the body, healing from this plane. I asked people to meditate on the drum, sending its medicine to David. The drum broke out from the rhythm that had been held, and went into a more ecstatic rhythm, with a few chants arising as well. This found its conclusion. We sat in silence for about 10-15 seconds, and all of a sudden it thundered, and began to rain - large cleansing rain drops. All elements were present - air, earth, water, fire - in unity. We began to laugh, and ran inside, and the dining room table had been set with tea and sweets, and so we moved right into informal celebration. People sat together in small groups and talked for about 20 minutes or so. Jeff asked if he could read something, and so we regathered for a short time, and I invited anyone that had something that they wanted to read or say to do so. Jeff read beautifully, and Cynthia read a story she had written. We all went back over the thunder moment, and there was great joy in the room. I asked Samar to end with an Arabic prayer. We were holding hands, and she said, "first I have to kiss Yvonne." She smacked Yvonne with a kiss, and told Yvonne to pass it on. The kiss went around the circle, followed by Samar's prayer, and then “om, loka samasta...”

It was such a celebration of David's life, and we were full of gratitude - grateful for the wordlessness of the evening, the opportunity to serve him, and the chance to enjoy the way in which he had tied all of us together through his love for us. Throughout the day I kept saying to myself, "we are celebrating David's rebirth day." Ah ho.

Much love, jan

Silverton Ash Ceremony

Silverton Ash Ceremony
San Juan Mountains, Colorado
July 21, 2010
photos by Becky Joyce, post-edit by Ananda

See more photos at: http://ashceremonyjuly21.shutterfly.com/

more photos on Sutterfly, click HERE

Friends came from Durango and Silverton, but as far as from Boulder, Moab and Cortez. We circled the stone memorial site together three times and invoked strength from the seven directions before settling into a shady aspen grove. I shared about being midwife for David's passing one year before. We chanted a song Dolores loved about how Spirit dances in the form of aspens... replacing some words so it went "the spirit of David comes to see me, in the form of a beautiful dancing green aspen" (x2). "His eyes fill me with peace, his dance fills me with peace" (x2). Then we chanted "Halleluia" for some time and sat in silence during the moments David was releasing from his body, around 1:50PM, last year.

I introduced Dr. Chuck Salka (to my right in photos) and shared how he was an important and heartful midwife for me the day David passed, in his care, during our office visit. How impressed I was that he made the three hour roundtrip drive to join our circle. I continued sharing how time flowed after he'd passed; how I'd sung and cried and washed and blessed his joints and organs with prayers of humility, releasing his body to Divine Mother with careful attention to each part of his tired body like the prayers on individual mala beads. I asked our circle to hold hands and join me in praying the same prayers of release Id prayed that day, and to then throw our hands up to the sky to release him to higher planes. Immediately after we did this, a great wind came swiftly and powerfully answering through the trees and all around us... we held still to listen...

Some shared about their love for David and his gifts in their lives before we moved to the stone circle. There, each took time with ashes and blessings and appreciations, releasing as best we could our attachments to David's physical form, letting go and remembering. Dolores' sister Pat carried ashes of all three (David, Dolores and Ed) to the four corners of the land, once intended for the family's home, now officially designated LaChapelle Park.

A deep bow of appreciation to Peter Dever who has built the stone circle with hard work and with so much honor of the LaChapelles. He held space for our ceremony from a place of deep care for this land, this memorial site and his friendships with Dolores and David.
Becky Joyce took all the pictures, except this last one below where I luckily captured a fragment of her beauty and strong bond to Dolores and David too. Quinn her two year old son was lucky to have David present at his waterbirth, at home, across the street from our house in Silverton. I was honored to attend births of both sons, newborn Liam is held in the love of Dillon's heart in this shot and much of that sweet day...

After this we enjoyed cookies, fruit, juice and sparkle water while being visited by heavy clouds and fat raindrops and then brilliant sunshine. Dillon and Kyle cooked us up a tasty pasta dinner later that evening and shared the video of their recent wedding at the feet of Mata Amritanandamayi. Last year, David got to taste the light of their new union and offer his enthusiastic blessing too before he would join the great ocean of love from whence he came...

Monday, July 12, 2010

From: Linda Weber, Boulder, CO
Subject: join us whether you are near or far
Date: July 3, 2010 11:47:30 AM MDT

Greetings to you!
Please join us wherever you are in marking the eve of David's passing -- Tuesday, July 20, 7:15,
which is our (the Boulder sangha's) regular chant/meditation night. We will sing David's Alleluia and also share in other ways,
and we will feel you with us as we sit in circle. It will be sweet.

If any of you are in Boulder and want to join us physically, we will be at Sue's co-housing common house "living room."
You can get directions from me or from her.

My special request is that you hold Ananda close at this time.

much love and blessings,

"When Love comes suddenly and taps on your window, run and let it in..." — Rumi

From: Jan Birchfield, Princeton, NJ
Subject: RE: join us whether you are near or far
Date: July 3, 2010 12:18:43 PM MDT

Thanks for letting us know!
We are also having a circle for David on July 2st from 7 – 9, eastcoast time, and would welcome support.
Love jan

From: John Steiner
Subject: Re: join us whether you are near or far
Date: July 4, 2010 6:53:52 AM MDT
Dear Ones:
In remembrance of one of the truly great spirits of this lifetime...
Whose presence like the wind, the rain, the sun, and awareness itself, is never absent.
Always love, John

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Approaching July 21

David LaChapelle
October 8, 1952 - July 21, 2009

As the anniversary of the date David LaChapelle merged with Existence approaches, you are requested to hold the care of his kindness, and his dedication to spiritual inquiry and service, close to your heart. Ananda, companion and friend, will offer an ash ceremony the day of his passing, July 21, 2010, at LaChapelle Park in Silverton, CO.
You are invited to join, in person, or non-locally through focus of heart and mind. We will share silent meditation during the time he was letting go of his body, approximately 1:45PM. This will be followed by ceremony merging David’s ashes with those of his parents, Ed and Dolores LaChapelle.
Originally owned by the family for their homestead, LaChapelle Park is now preserved and was designated by the Town of Silverton in 2008. Stone Artist Peter Dever has created a gathering place, circle of stones, memorial site over the last few years where your eyes and mind may rest on the gifts we can each feel grateful for.
Stay for sharing and refreshments if possible. Come rain or shine (no such thing as poor weather, only poor planning of clothing).
Gather by 1 PM with time to settle. Please do not arrive during the meditation.

Contact Ananda for directions/questions:

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Screenplay by David, upcoming republication by Stephen Griffies

Photoshop blend by David LaChapelle.
Unauthorized use of Yogananda photo for purpose of sharing, not sales. Do not replicate.

Do you know anything about David's play Passing Through, and can contribute to the preface section in the upcoming publication? Please contact Stephen Griffies through ananda@jeffnet.org. He is also interested in talking to people with context of Yogananda's journey to Juneau in 1924 or with background in Kriya Yoga who can connect him with Self Realization Fellowship. If you participated in readings of Passing Through and can tell us some about the process, please let us know.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

David as "Basil" in The Rita Lila

David shows up as "Basil" in The Rita Lila by Rita Ann Shankara

rita_lila_200vFrom The Rita Lila: A Western Yogini’s Journey to Bliss, the spiritual memoir by Rita Ann Shankara:

From Chapter 29, Samadhi, Surprises, and Gold:

After the tea break that evening, Basil talked about courage, discernment, and guidance. He advised: “Whatever is arising, don’t cling to its phenomenon and don’t hide in your strategies (‘being sick all the time’ is one strategy), but rather, stand firmly in your being, in the unraveling. Have the courage to BE with what is emerging, and the discernment to know what you are experiencing.

“In this time of dissolving form, in this declining empire, ask yourself, ‘What am I called to do?’ and listen to your inner guidance. There is a lot of anxiety out there in the Collective, but if you take in nourishment (friends, food, practices, prayers), and listen for guidance, then you will be able to navigate through – no matter what happens. All of the information in this age produces anxiety that is both contagious and crippling… As yogis and yoginis, it is our responsibility to continually calm ourselves so that we not only lessen our personal anxieties, but we also lessen the amount of anxiety that we contribute to the Collective Anxiety.”

As the evening ended, Basil told a short story for me:

Once there was a firefly of Consciousness buzzing around inside a cupboard. She couldn’t figure out how to get out – she was buzzing around lighting up motherhood, career, parents visiting… but she couldn’t see the instructions. Then she closed her eyes and thought of God, and when she opened her eyes she saw the instructions: “Open Here.”

In the following days, I still felt sick to my stomach and my head also hurt, but as I contemplated the teachings from that night, I began to take courage. I started focusing my attention on surrendering to each and every experience.

From Chapter 43, Hawaii Retreat:

“Rita, for your enlightenment program, all you need are these two things: 1. The mind becomes that which it dwells upon, and 2. By placing the mind on the highest state, you become the highest state.

“Putting your mind on energetic structures helps you to open. You have to gain strength in keeping your gaze on the highest state. Remember that we reinforce conditions by dwelling on them – we are all doing this. We are all there, oscillating and learning to put our concentration on things that expand us.

“We each come in with veils of doubt that we can only each burn through on our own, through meditation. After you burn through them, you understand why they were there. However, you have to get out of your own misery to be sensitive enough to feel those higher dimensions.”

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

David's rough draft for Sadhana publication

“Ask and you shall be given, seek and you shall find, knock, and it shall be opened within you. For everyone that asks, receives, and they that seek find, and to those that knock it shall be opened.” - Christ

Sankalpa and Sadhana by David LaChapelle

When the Exxon Valdez ran aground in Prince William sound it was in large part because of a peculiarity of steering super tankers. They are such large ships, carrying so much weight, that their motion takes a considerable time to turn. Even if the rudder is turned completely it can take twenty miles of ocean for the ship to come around and change course.

This process is called a trim tab effect and is a useful analogy for how we might go about changing the direction of our vehicle in sadhana. We, not unlike supertankers, carry a large weight of conditioning, habits and repetitive attention paths. Changing the direction of these of habits is not unlike the massive movement of a turning super tankers. Only sustained intent, carried forward for a long time, can effectively change the course of our motion.

Personal will plays a significant role in the the steering of the vessel of our lives. The correct application of this will is an action which the yogi’s named sankalpa.

Sankalpa is an intent which slowly shifts the subtle patterns of our mind and body and begins to align them with our essence. Because our essence is consciousness itself this action creates a powerful resonance which lifts us beyond our usual capacity. If our intent is correct, then eventually the magnetics of this process changes our conscious values and aspirations by slowly tuning them to the more refined planes of existence.

Intent is a powerful force which creates the condition under which our other qualities manifest their potency. Because of this correct intent is an important adjunct to our sadhana.
If our intent is to find the correct partner, make money, manifest a talent or other tangible accomplishments of life then we will most likely achieve these goals with the application of our sankalpa.

However the relative manifestation of these capacities may not be in the most harmonious alignment with our soul’s growth.

Out of the discord of our essential loneliness we may manifest an endless search for a partner, or be constantly restless in our existing relationship. If we invoke our sankalpa in the direction of fixing this “problem” then we may siphon off the aligning energy of our intent from its deeper purpose.

The highest form of sankalpa is the intent to know the absolute. By adopting this as a consistent position then the obscurations to our clear view begin to gradually melt away. This process occurs because our sankalpa is a function of our personal power. As we begin to consistently align ourselves with our essence the vibratory quality of that state begins to refine the function of our third chakra. This refinement leads to a spiritualization of our personal power. This process of refinement means that we have less and less of our own sense of independent action. Instead our actions begin to align, by resonance with, with a deeper intent than our own. As the energy of our third chakra is purified of personal intent it is able to support very high states of perception and feeling. As we see more clearly and feel more compassionately we are guided intuitively, and immediately, to take actions which are in alignment with a more transcendent intent.

At this stage of action we become instruments of a profoundly connected universe. The wisdom of this connectivity guides our individual decisions so that we are in alignment with the needs of the evolving whole.

Actions manifest in different historical epochs in accord with the needs of consciousness at that time. Thus courage in ancient Rome will have a different flavor than courage in modern times. Faith in Egypt several thousand years ago, will have a different patina than St. Francis’s era.
Because of this evolving structure of manifestation we are constantly asked to update our own qualities that they might be in alignment with the present state of manifestations.
The resistance to this realignment of purpose has caused much alienation and bloodshed throughout human history.

Our daily practice is the testing ground of our intent. As you sit to meditate the sankalpa that you hold creates the foundation for the unfoldment of your experience. Because of this we need to examine carefully the nature of our intent.

What is our motivation for practice? Is it to get high? To remove pain in the body and mind? To serve other beings? To surrender to absolute?

The color of our intent creates the riverbanks for the flow of our sadhana during our practice time. The more our sankalpa,THE APPLICATION OF OUR PERSONAL WILL, is in resonance with our essence the wider the river bank becomes.

Critical to this practice is to truly surrender the outcome of our practice. If we are holding on for a particular outcome, based on our relative need, then we skew the flow of the river and limit its depth. If we approach our practice with a true intent to surrender to the will of the absolute, then the conditions of our experience are set by a standard that is nearly impossible to summon through personal effort. [GIVE A GREAT BEING’S CORRECT MODELING]

The key to this process is a relaxation of tension in the belly and solar plexus. As we become soft in the belly, yielding to the flow of current through us, we can sense into the core of our root strength. This root strength is in vibratory relationship to the flow of iccha shakti, or the manifestation of will in the universe. This alignment allows the foundation of our practice to support revelation of higher states of perception and compassion. In such a state we become absorbed in the flow of a greater manifestation and the tension of our personal existence begins to ease.

Repeated contact with this realm of deeper intent works a subtle transformative change on the actions we perform in our “normal” state. By magnetic adjustment, the filaments of our third chakra are aligned with our higher centers and there is an accompanying tranquility as we have less and less personal resistance to our essence.
Photo image by David. Created June 14, 2009

Monday, April 19, 2010

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Hawaii home and retreat space

Just found this picture: the fruits of our hard work landing in Hawaii Spring 2006... new paint, ugly floor we ripped up and sanded and refinished, the furniture we made or found at thrift stores, the room divided into dining space for 20 and a temple section for meeting (David built the frames, I sewed the curtains), the way all the colors came together, the couch I recovered and sewn pillows ... all ready for our first group ... May... this same time of year

Friday, April 16, 2010

Reflections on Hawaii. By Maria (Adi) Benito

Dear sisters, I wrote this on the plane back to Princeton. I wish to share with you. In love and in death , there are mysteries and in both there is healing. The quality of our gathering was very feminine and magical, such as the owl represents, the owl that came in on our last day together. The medicine I received washes over me like the caresses of a wise mother, a loving sister, one who is not perfect yet; yet sees with no judgment: a sisterhood medicine. To be welcomed with flowers, a lei of beautiful scent, to welcome a tired body and a tired soul, to be the pillar to allow for tears to flow. To be lifted from the ashes to my truest essence, to see the shadow and the light, and to hold them both; a metaphor. Before departing, crows appeared and a sense of shadow-material emerged. Crows are the guardian of ceremonial magic and healing. In any healing circle, crow is present. Crow guides the magic of healing and the change in consciousness that will bring about a new reality. Crow has been thought to represent the shadow within, the quest within. And it truly was so. The healing circle began with the spread of ashes of David's. Much grief had been shared before the ceremony, therefore we were ready to welcome a new reality. We meditated on the I-ching throw that we collectively did at the memorial site. Revolution turning to abundance. We meditated and reflected how to move forward and keep David alive in our worlds. The healing circle saw many reflections, another healing within the healing, and a satsang with a teacher who not knowing us, exposed some shadow material and held a light for new adventures. Her advise to me was "go outside the box"; "say yes only when it brings you in connection with God"; a true teaching. Without saying so explicitly, my dear sister understood how my quest was that of purpose... a blessing. With much love, Adi

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Almost home again from recent trip to Hawaii (in Santa Fe now on my way back to Silverton first time, to stay, since December).

Returned to the land in North Kohala where, 3 years ago, David and I stored the many items we'd built and sewn by hand to create a home, live-in teen teaching space and retreat center at the sugar-planation-fixer-up-er we rented for a year in 2006

After everyone for Hawaii memorial had gone, I faced two solid weeks pulling it all out, parting with and hauling 8 full truck loads for give-away (rather than nickle and dime-ing each object, very relieved, every object kept value for me that way), wiping down, cleaning out, throwing out, shipping home, going back for more.

We'd also stored our island car, Pueo (after the white Hawaiian owl who'd been our sign for landing here). Before it would sell, had to clean it; before that, get a key made; before that, had someone take the door apart to get the lock to a locksmith miles away.... After several airing-outs, and some spectacular rainbow blessings, Pueo was ready to be adopted by its new family with a second baby on the way... horray! What a great feeling that day.

Very proud of accomplishments of the last few weeks, and fueled by some added inner strength for facing the Ashland 10 x 10, two cabins and another car in Alaska and LaChapelle build-up in Silverton garage...

As "letting go" changes my own life, I send out the message you've already heard plenty... time to reduce, reuse, recycle and stop buying more stuff!

dining set, drapes and hangings by me, altar table by David, carpets, lamps, full kitchen wares, beds, desks, floor cushions, outdoor shower, art materials and art work, books, christmas stuff, pillows, lumber, snorkel stuff, tools, and more tools...

helper elf Shawn, thank heaven he could help, such a big job

the carport David built from 2x4s, and surrounded with heavy tarps for walls, to protect our island vehicle (sat for 2 years before my return to get it running)

one tired soul, two tired soles

Pueo's new family

Goodbye dear friend..

Pueo waiting for me coming home the night i finally sold the car!

Hawaii Sunrise Ash Ceremony, March 22, 2010

First Ash Ceremony for David
Pololu Valley, Big Island Hawaii

March 22, 2010

O wise one

Ocean of Mercy and Love

O Beloved teacher
lighting the way
to my heart

I bow down to your beauty and your grace
I bow down to Beauty and Grace

- Julie Pigott
( recording available: ananda@jeffnet.org)

Pololu Valley, Hawaii Photo by Linda Merryman

Sunrise. Photo by Linda Merryman

Photo by Linda Merryman

ananda.foley photography 2010

Photo by Linda Merryman

ananda.foley photography 2010

ananda.foley photography 2010

ananda.foley photography 2010

ananda.foley photography 2010

ananda.foley photography 2010

ananda.foley photography 2010

ananda.foley photography 2010

ananda.foley photography 2010

Photo by Linda Merryman

ananda.foley photography 2010

Group I Ching throw from David's book
Pololu Valley, Big Island Hawaii

49: Revolution changing to...
55: Abundance

A Hymn of Changes:
Contemplations of the I Ching
by David LaChapelle. Ragged Sky Press 2009
(contact ananda@jeffnet.org)