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Celebrating the life of David LaChapelle

Celebrating the Life of David LaChapelle: Visionary teacher, see-er of souls, wisdom keeper and devoted follower to the great stillness. Friend to many. Dream coach, author, publisher and speaker. Chanter, painter, builder, philosopher and patriarch. His body let go. His gifts live on...

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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Piece for Thursday's Silverton Standard

For local paper:

Silverton Didn't Get Chance to Know David La Chapelle
by Ananda Foley
Mt Rainier, WA
Spring 2004

When Silverton lost community member and "legend" Dolores La Chapelle, she had lived in town over 30 years and had built many connections and friendships over time. Now that her one and only son, David, has been lost from our community, many locals don't know what they missed. David is a legend in his own right and we are fortunate to have his lingering contributions, even for as brief as they were offered. And if we are open to the idea of the continuation of the soul, David's blessing may still be available to us.

I met David in 2003, in Ashland OR where we were brought together by mutual friends. Two weeks prior, I was held in a large ceremony marking my 30th birthday, where I spoke publicly to 50 or so people, with personal declarations of gratitude and of the steps I was initiating into a new chapter of my life. Something big was on the horizon and I was requesting compassionate witnessing from my support circle to help shine light in the new direction I was headed. In this circle, among other things, I publicly welcomed my spiritual partner, yet to show up, who was just around the bend. Two weeks later David was in my life. It was then I began traveling with him and contributing to his mission with my own gifts. We worked harmoniously together and I know I will miss this enormously.

I can still remember in those early days of getting to know each other, his focus on my every motion. It was incredibly exciting and intimidating. Over the years, I have heard the same from countless people, and that is because of his remarkable gift as a "seer". People report how very "seen" they feel by David, how his vision goes right to the essence of the soul (rather than the surface activity on the personality level). This gift, he brought to Silverton school students in the form of spontaneous, unique soul-stories based on each of their individual inner landscapes. And he offered council to several Silverton friends who were able to attend local retreats we held over the last few years at the Eureka Lodge.

Being raised on a glacier, David's clairvoyant capacities developed spending hours engaged in solo play, bathed in the crystal clear vitality of pure earth-force. As he matured, his philosopher's mind deeply longed for understanding for the mystical experiences of great beings. He constantly studied the lives of saints, holy persons and servants of humanity.

David started explaining his findings to others at a young age, and so began his life-long service of teaching and authoring of several books on the science of the mind, the natural world as sacred teacher, and ancient yogic practices for tracking the subtle layers of consciousness. He helped others learn, experientially, how this physical human realm serves as a "classroom" for the advancement of each soul and how to cultivate the unique creative gifts we each bring to the world. Over the years, his venues grew to hold larger and larger groups and he would travel between dedicated communities of practitioners in multiple cities, spanning several states including AK & HI.

Even during David's illness, he continued to serve his students; sending out teachings thru emails, receiving visitors from all over the country and sharing his artwork and written word; some remain in-the-works, and will soon be published.

His professional artistic creations include a series of paintings for each of the 64 hexagrams of the ancient I Ching; a series of photo-collage images based on segments of the Zohar, an ancient Hebrew text; as well as published cards, books and calendars of his colorful uplifting images. His art can be viewed on his website www.umya.com which will continue to operate.

Services for celebrating this remarkable man will be offered Sunday August 9th. 3PM at the Brokering's Eureka Lodge, Silverton, CO (Parking limitations require car pooling or lower lot parking) Close friends will offer main ceremonies. Friends and family will be invited to share during a talking circle.

More unfolding of David's life contributions and quality of his being are happening at:

Dolores and David La Chapelle in front of Cement St. home June 2004 Photo: Ananda Foley

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