"the feet of Bhagavan are everywhere. So where can we gather except at his feet?
Time and space are no barriers to the gathering of hearts." Sri Ramana Maharshi

Celebrating the life of David LaChapelle

Celebrating the Life of David LaChapelle: Visionary teacher, see-er of souls, wisdom keeper and devoted follower to the great stillness. Friend to many. Dream coach, author, publisher and speaker. Chanter, painter, builder, philosopher and patriarch. His body let go. His gifts live on...

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Friday, July 24, 2009

Thoughts from Rory Finney

Bless You Ananda.

When Jewel left her body, David advised me to be open to the gifts that are being passed on particularly in this time of transition.
Bless you dusk and dawn
I am leaving for Mt Rainier now as the western hills receive the morning light.
I am carrying prayers for a many people to the mother mountain.
Thank You for your beloved service-
Yosemite will be most perfect.
Art is a wonderful way to remain open and process with a higher bandwidth.
I highly encourage you to create mandalas dawn and dusk for the next 40 days.
I invite our entire sangha to create art for the next 40 days- vessels of love

Gentle Breathing,


here are some emails from david about Jewel's passing:

Rory, Jewel is moving deeper inwards
listen in meditation and follow her journey
she has already released a couple of her koshas
the outcome on the physical level is almost immaterial to her at this time
it is of course, deeply of interest to us
silence is very helpful now
deep silence
mouna (in sanskrit)
Ramana describes a silence so deep that it filled with the most intense of activities.
dawn and dusk are particularly important

for you this is so large.
jewel's passing has been such a gift for your inner development
if you can I would do a several day retreat to be with the teaching of this moment
and to receive consciously the gifts that Jewel is bestowing on you from her
new condition.
if not a full retreat, stay particulalry open to the inner planes during this time and
feel what Jewel is giving.
thanks for bringing me into the circle of her being.
my love to you and ryan and all that she has touched.
the peace of deep silence occurs when the body ceases to be the object of attention.
much love,

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