"the feet of Bhagavan are everywhere. So where can we gather except at his feet?
Time and space are no barriers to the gathering of hearts." Sri Ramana Maharshi

Celebrating the life of David LaChapelle

Celebrating the Life of David LaChapelle: Visionary teacher, see-er of souls, wisdom keeper and devoted follower to the great stillness. Friend to many. Dream coach, author, publisher and speaker. Chanter, painter, builder, philosopher and patriarch. His body let go. His gifts live on...

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Post from "Soft Bird", formerly "Fierce Bird"

Hi Ananda,
I tried to post this on the blog. This is what I got the evening of the day David passed on:


David: You are accustomed to my body form so we will use that, but now I am not limited by it, nor was I before, though people thought I was.

Dying is not as profound a change as those in bodies think. It is a shift to another way of being. You let go of being able to manipulate the physical world, but you gain a comprehensive awareness that is overwhelming.

Lisa: I am not as fierce a bird as I used to be.

David: Yes, your feathers are softer now.

Lisa: Do you have advice for me?

David: Be the softest bird you can be. Whatever you think is in the way of you being a soft bird, this is just beautiful feathers. Fluff up your feathers and be a bird that sings just to sing.

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